Montana Spring Creeks Fishing Report

Thursday, June 23, 2022
Montana spring creeks fishing report

Current Conditions:

The Yellowstone flooded into the spring creeks of the valley on June 13th. We have received some encouraging reports that the damage was limited and the creeks are already flowing clear again. Although river water breached into the spring creeks and did some damage to culverts and brought in some river gravel, it does not appear that they will be impacted like they were in 1997 when the river moved into the creeks as a new channel before a birm was constructed.

As of now the creeks are running clear again. There are some areas where new river gravel was brought in which may end up being a positive in the long run for added spawning gravel. Most of the weedbeds appear to be intact so we are optomistic there should be some great fishing this summer. We have had some good reports already that the fishing has been strong. The PMD hatch is just getting going on the creeks.

The Month Ahead:

We are hopeful that we should enjoy some great late June and July spring creek action. All of June and early July normally produce consistently excellent fishing conditions on the spring creeks with the main action centered around the late morning and early afternoon hatches.

Long Term Fishing Forecast:

Once the PMD hatch tapers off in late July things become a bit tougher. Weed growth also increases and makes nymphing more difficult on several of the creeks but the terrestrial season is always enjoyable, just a bit more technical than earlier in the summer.