Montana Spring Creeks Fishing Report

Wednesday, October 6, 2021
Montana spring creeks fishing report

Current Conditions:


The spring creeks are a great fall option when you want a break from tossing streamers the size a small lap dog.  The baetis hatch can be awesome in the afternoons, especially with some cloud cover.  The rod fees drop on the Livingston creeks making them a decent option for locals and you can expect to have a lot of the creek to yourself many days. The Livingston creeks are probably the place to be for spring creek fishing in October and November.  Nymphing sow bugs trailed by midge larva and then eventually baetis nymphs like RS2s is a great game plan before the hatch.  When the hatch starts make sure to try some emergers in the surface film or just below.  Most of the trout will be taken on these emerger and cripple patterns.  We still like to fish a dun on top for visibility.  The sprout baetis patterns are a nice option but so are the cdc patterns fished without grease so the sink just a few inches below the surface.

The Month Ahead:

The next few weeks will continue to produce very good dry fly fishing over the baetis hatch.  It lingers on the Livingston creeks well into November.  Even after the hatch wanes the spring creeks will produce steady and predictable results to technically sound nymphing techniques

Long Term Fishing Forecast:

TheThe Livingston creeks are a great winter option when rod fees drop to $40 per day – cheaper than a lift ticket at Bridger Bowl!  DePuy spring creek even has nice warming huts with stoves.  The key to winter nymphing is to use subtle indicators like small yarn tufts that flutter with the slightest change in the drift.  The trout won’t be moving much once temps drop and the takes are subtle. spring creeks are always a great off season option with warmer water temps and some nice shelters to get out of the wind and cold.  Once December arrives it is a nymphing game for a few months but the fish eat every day!