Montana Spring Creeks Fishing Report

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Spring Creeks Fishing Report

Current Conditions:

Spring Creeks are one of the best options for fishing right now.  Rainbows are still in the creeks spawning.  Give the fish on their redds a wide berth and do not fish to them, but there are plenty of post spawn fish in the deeper, heavier water as well as fish stacked behind the redds eating eggs.  Other good nymph patterns include various scuds and sowbugs, Zebra Midges and Pheasant Tail’s.  Dry fly fishing over Blue Winged Olives and occasionally midges has been good in the afternoons when it’s not too windy.  Streamer fishing is an overlooked method on the Spring Creeks.  Try stripping a black leach pattern in the deeper, heavier runs.

The Month Ahead:

Nymph fishing will continue to be excellent throughout the month of May.  Blue Winged Olives will continue to provide some dry fly action until the PMD’s show up in mid June.

Long Term Fishing Forecast:

The PMD hatch from mid June through July will provide the best fishing of the year on the Spring Creeks.  These prime dates book far in advance to try to make plans now if you haven’t already.