Other Waters Fishing Report

Friday, May 18, 2018

Other waters

Current Conditions:

The smaller streams around Montana are open.  Some of the freestone fisheries are running high and are tough to fish but others are just right, especially if they drain lower elevation watersheds.  When the air temperatures cool off, some of the creeks start to drop and clear up. Driving up along Hyalite Creek last night, water was up but had about 12+ inches of visibility to it. There were a few fly fishers out there, but I would stress caution wading around as the water is very swift and powerful right now. Maybe best to stay on the reservoir for now up there.

The Month Ahead:

As run off subsides small stream fishing will become very, very good in late June and early July.  Attractor dry flies are usually all that is needed.

Long Term Fishing Forecast:

Some smaller streams become pretty low and clear in August but they can still fish well with a stealthy approach and delivery.