Other Waters Fishing Report

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Fishing Report: Other waters

Current Conditions:

Most of the of the freestone fisheries are running high and are tough to fish but a few have already dropped to high but fishable flows, especially if they drain lower elevation watersheds. This is a great time to explore and fish local smaller waters and discover your own little gem.

The Month Ahead:

As run off subsides small stream fishing will become very, very good in early July.  Attractor dry flies are usually all that is needed.  Fishing the small creeks under these conditions is always one of the highlights of my fishing season.

Long Term Fishing Forecast:

Some smaller streams become pretty low and clear in August but they can still fish well with a stealthy approach and delivery.  The more off the beaten path you can get, the more consistent the fishing will be.  Some high elevation streams run very cold and do not really hit their stride until late July or even August.