Ruby River Fishing Report

Friday, May 18, 2018

Ruby River Fishing Report

Current Conditions:

Currently flows are pretty big on the Ruby. Keep an eye on the flow charts coming out of the dam. If it is on the drop and approaching levels 400 CFS or below, it is worth the drive. Stick to small to mid-sized streamers, nymph rigs, and keep your eyes peeled for any fish noses poking up if a hatch starts to come off.

The Month Ahead:

The Ruby should be a nice option in June and there will be plenty of pmds and yellow sallies to get fish excited.  If flows are below 400cfs at the dam and stable or on the drop this should be a green light. Nymphing worms trailed by pmd emmergers is always productive but swinging streamers

Long Term Fishing Forecast:

The Ruby is a good option all summer long.  Once we get into the heart of the summer the river sees more traffic on the public sections and fishing can be less consistent but you can still have some banner days.