Gallatin River Fishing Report

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Gallatin River Fishing Report

Current Conditions:

The Gallatin is on the drop and quickly clearing. Although there is still a lot of water moving through the canyon, clarity is sitting at about a foot and trout should be keyed in on stonefly nymphs right now as we near the onset of the salmonfly hatch. The trout have not had much fishing pressure most of the spring and should be very willing to eat a fly. Don't forget about smaller dries such as caddis, PMDs and yellow sallies. If they are not hitting the big salmonflies, consider trailing a second dry fly such as a smaller caddis, or dropping a nymph off the back. 

The Month Ahead:

The Gallatin will offer red hot fishing as it emerges from runoff.  It will start as a nymphing game, but dry fly fishing will pick up with the Salmonfly hatch occurring in late June. The Gallatin offers a smorgasbord of hatches during July with various species of stoneflys and Caddis. Attractor dry fly fishing will begin in earnest during the first 10 days of July.

Long Term Fishing Forecast:

The Gallatin should fish well all summer with our healthy snowpack.