Gallatin River Fishing Report

Tuesday, September 21, 2021
Gallatin River Montana

Current Conditions:

The Gallatin continues to fish well. Water temperatures are good on the lower reaches of the river and reduced irrigation demands are resulting in more water down low. Flows are at base level in the canyon. Fishing is not just a morning game and as temperatures drop the afternoons can still be productive. The water is gin clear with the exception of the random late season thunderstorm that can add a bit of silt into the Taylor Fork. Lighter tipper, flouro carbon and smaller flies are advised. Trout are transitioning out of the faster riffles and pocket water as water temps continue to drop.

The Month Ahead:

The Gallatin will continue to fish well during the fall.  It isn’t a major brown trout river and there isn’t much of a fall run but the late morning and early afternoon nymph fishing is always productive.  As the water continues to cool look for trout to slide into the slower and deeper water.

Long Term Fishing Forecast:

The Gallatin will continue to fish well during the fall and early winter.  The water near Big Sky has some springs that keep ice shelves at bay and that water is productive on smaller nymph rigs well into the winter.