Upper Madison River Fishing Report

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Upper Madison Fishing Report

Current Conditions:

The Upper continues to be one of the best options in our area. Flows are now on the drop once again and returning to normal levels for late June. Salmonflies are starting to show up around Ennis. With the warm weather the next few days, we should see this hatch really kick off. Over the next couple of weeks, the hatch will move upstream. In the mean time, if you are upstream of the hatch, the rubberlegs bite should remain strong. Dry dropper rigs with salmonfly dries and stonefly nymph droppers will allow you to cover more of the water column within the same drift. Focus tight to cover or in the "fast walking pace" runs as the water is still a bit high and the trout will be seeking shelter from the powerful flows. Don't forget about the caddis hatches, especially right up until dark in the evenings. That last hour of daylight can really turn the river on, as every fish in the run will seem to key in on the surface under low light scenarios. PMDs and yellow sallies will be out as well, and sometimes the fish will prefer them if they get shy of the big bug. 

The Month Ahead:

The next month will offer the best fishing of the year on the float section below Lyon’s Bridge.  Salmonfly’s will be present in late June through early July, offering outstanding nymph fishing and some great dry fly fishing at times. As the Salmonflies wane, Golden Stones, Yellow Sallies, and Caddis will continue to keep the fish well fed.

Long Term Fishing Forecast:

The Upper Madison is a very consistent fishery and this season should continue to produce good results up and down the river. With above average moisture levels over the winter the flows should be a normal levels. The Upper Madison will be a safe bet all season long.