Upper Madison River Fishing Report

Friday, July 23, 2021
Madison River Montana

Current Conditions:

***Hoot owl restrictions for the entire reach of the Madison River from the mouth to the boundary with Yellowstone National Park - all fishing must occur between mid night and 2pm to protect trout from warm late day water temperatures***

The Upper continues to be one of the best options in our area. They have began to release more water from the dam as air temps heat up. Most of the river is fishing well although it is still a little early for summer hatches. Water temps remain in good shape on most of the river. Hoot owls were put in place mostly to protect the Upper Madison from receiving excessive overflow pressure as some other rivers without dam protection also go under hoot owls. Hatches are now winding down which has helped the fish to become more opportunistic with attractor nymphing very consistent. Trout are still focusing on caddis early in the mornings in riffles and later in the morning and early afternoon the hopper bite has been improving.

The Month Ahead:

The next month will bring one of the best times of year to be on the Upper Madison! We will begin to see more terrestrial action as we progress into the summer months. The ranchers are already bailing hay and the hopper bite is upon us! Keep an eye on water temperatures and be prepared to fish early.

Long Term Fishing Forecast:

The Upper Madison is a very consistent fishery and this season should continue to produce good results up and down the river. The water temps on the upper half of the river tend to hold up well even on hot days but when we hit mid summer air temps plan your fishing early to coincide with the best mid summer water temperatures which also reduces stress on wild trout. Even with decent water temps on the Madison it is likely that hoot owls will extend through most of August until late day water temps on other rivers drop to avoid attracting to many "displacement anglers" to the Madison.