Upper Madison River Fishing Report

Wednesday, October 6, 2021
Madison River Montana

Current Conditions:

The Upper continues to produce some of the most consistent fishing in the region. Big trout and good numbers on a daily basis. The most consistent action has been nymphing big streamers trailed by smaller attractor nymphs. Large stonefly nymphs on top have also been a good option and of course egg patterns. The dry fly eat has been hit or miss and really not much of a factor lately.  Stripping big streamers is a great way to hit a home run but expect lower fish counts.  The water has dropped a bit and trout are concentrating in the deeper slots and pools.  In the large pools they are sliding back a bit from the faster water where we found them just a few weeks ago.  The big browns are getting dark and some big boys are lowering their guard.

The Month Ahead:

The next few weeks should produce good opportunities for very big browns.  This should continue into November.  Trout will continue to concentrate in the slower and deeper water as temperatures continue to drop.

Long Term Fishing Forecast:

By the end of November the Upper will become pretty quiet.  It isn’t our favorite cold weather fishery so enjoy it now while it is producing.