Upper Madison River Fishing Report

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Upper Madison Fishing Report

Current Conditions:

The Upper is now fishing all the way from Hebgen to Ennis Lake.  The farther down river you go the more it is impacted by run off from mountain tributaries, so the water closer to Ennis may or may not be fishable on a given day.  On the flip side the river near Hebgen and Quake lake is almost always a good option this time of year.  Cabin and Beaver Creeks can produce sediment but often not enough to completely blow the river out.  The West Fork at Lyons can pump in a lot of mud but the east bank of the river often stays good for several miles.  Worms and big stone flies are the ticket and it is mostly a nymphing game for a while.

The Month Ahead:

The next few weeks should continue to produce some good fishing.  The Upper will begin clearing in a few weeks and the water closer to Ennis will also turn on.  Often the week just before the salmon flies (and people) arrive is spectacular as the water is clearing and big trout are very opportunistic.  Mid to Late June should be awesome on the Madison!

Long Term Fishing Forecast:

The Upper Madison is a very consistent fishery and this season should continue to produce good results up and down the river.  With near average moisture levels over the winter the flows should be a normal levels.  The Madison will be a safe bet all season long.