Lower Madison River Fishing Report

Wednesday, October 6, 2021
Lower Madison River

Current Conditions:

The Lower has turned on recently with the longer and cooler nights. The fishing has been really good on some days with some big slab rainbows coming into the net. The monster browns are starting to move and we have seen a few really dark fish looking for streamers.  This has been a very consistent fishery recently but every now and then it unexpectedly clams up.  Nymphing is still the bread and butter rig with.  Try a weightless rig on a longer leader with a crayfish trailed by a baetis nymph over the weedbeds and then go heavy in the deep runs with several split shot.

The Month Ahead:

The Lower fishes well in the early winter.  The trout will start moving out of the shallow weedbeds and into the deeper buckets as water temps continue to cool.

Long Term Fishing Forecast:

By late November trout will be in their winter time lies which means look for fish in the deeper runs with slow to medium speed currents.  The Lower fishes well all winter.