Lower Madison River Fishing Report

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Current Conditions:

The Lower has been a consistent producer recently and should hold form throughout the spring.  The Lower tends to get better and better until water temps finally get too warm at the end of June.  Flows can fluctuate but generally the clarity is almost always fishable right through run off.  One day the fishing can be lights out and the next day just OK, especially if flows are bumped.  Fly selection is pretty basic – mostly nymphing with crayfish, streamers or worms up top trailed by either caddis, march brown or baetis emergers.

The Month Ahead:

The Lower will be  a go to location for the entire spring.  The best fishing is usually nymphing and maybe pulling streamers.  If the river has just bumped up sometimes fishing is slower but if flows are stable it is usually a very good bet.  

Long Term Fishing Forecast:

The Lower will just keep producing until temperatures get too warm around late June.