Yellowstone River Fishing Report

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Yellowstone River Fishing Report

Current Conditions:

With a very large snowpack this season, we are still waiting to get back on the Yellowstone River. It is dropping fast, and clarity should continue to improve day by day. If you find some slow water and work it from shore with some dark stonefly nymphs you could find some willing fish right now. Once the flows drop a little more more and clarity improves, it is going to be awesome over here. The extended run off season has given these fish a long break and they really haven't been fished for in a couple months, so they should be very willing to eat a fly. Team this up with the salmonfly and goldenstone hatch, and this could be a perfect.

The Month Ahead:

Water levels will most likely remain high into early July. Keep an eye on the hyrdropaphs. As flows start to drop below 10,000 cfs the river will start fishing for experienced oarsman. This is a big river so be careful when it does drop.

Long Term Fishing Forecast:

The Yellowstone should be a great option all summer and fall.  With the big snowpack, we should have fantastic fishing throughout August and September this year. Good flows should keep the fish happy.