Yellowstone River Fishing Report

Friday, July 23, 2021
Yellowstone River Montana

Current Conditions

***Hoot owl restrictions for portions of the Yellowstone River Hwy 212 Bridge in Laurel to Yellowstone National Park boundary, fishing must occur between midnight and 2pm***

The Yellowstone has dropped significantly over the past weeks. The early summer heat waves resulted in an early run off so for the next few weeks it is important to get out early and wrap up fishing in the early afternoon. 

The Month Ahead:

Aquatic hatches are winding down with the exception of the nocturnal stones. These are basically golden stones but with stubby wings. They are flightless and tend to hatch overnight but you will see them skittering around the banks at dawn. Terrestrials are the main game for surface fishing with ants and hoppers present. Fish are opportunistic subsurface so attractor nymphs are also a great option.

Long Term Fishing Forecast:

Terrestrials and general attractor nymphing will be the main game through September. By late August water temperatures begin to drop as nights continue to get longer. In past years hoot owl protections are dropped around the last week of August on the Yellowstone.