Yellowstone River Fishing Report

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Yellowstone River Fishing Report

Current Conditions:
The Stone is still holding on with the relatively mild end to October, but things will start to change with the onset of winter.  If you get light wind and cloud cover you should be in good shape. Streamer fishing can be good with a chance at some good fish. Change up your strip until you starting getting reactions. Nymphing the norm of stoneflies, worms, sculpins, eggs, baetis and worms in the deeper runs and seams will produce. The dry fly fishing will only hold out for the nicest of cloudy days, then keep your eyes peeled in the slow slicks. If it’s windy head for the bar or the hot springs.

The Month Ahead:
As the temps drop and the sunlight fades the Yellowstone will become less of an option with ice shelves and frigid water temps taking hold. If you do venture out some of the deep seams and runs where the food congregates will be where to look.

Long Term Fishing Forecast:
Better options exist elsewhere, consider the discounted rates at the Spring Creeks if you are over in Paradise Valley this winter.


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