Yellowstone River Fishing Report

Friday, September 23, 2022
Yellowstone River Montana

Current Conditions:

The Yellowstone River has fished pretty well this season even in the wake of the June floods. The flooding did create some new river features so if you haven't floated the river in a while make sure to keep an eye out. The river is now at its lower base flows but is fishing well. Note that clarity can turn muddy quickly on the Yellowstone if thunderstorms or rain events the night before strike in the upper reaches so pay attention to hydrographs on the Upper River and tributaries like the Lamar and Gardiner. The Stone has always been susceptible to getting dirty after strong rains but it is even more fickle this year due to some of the newly exposed banks after the spring floods. Hatches are sporadic but terrestrial fishing can still be worth a try in the afternoons on warmer days. There are some sporadic larger mayflies hatching so blind fishing larger wulff patterns can sometimes be worth a try. The Yellowstone is CLOSED between Mayor's landing and Sheep Mountain Fishing Access Site where a bridge was recently demolished near the 89 FAS. Whitefish will be spawning soon and the whitefish bite is on in full force on the Yellowstone so expect to tangle with some whities when nymphing but some nice trout can be found along the way. Trout have begun to transition from faster riffles to slower transition water.

The Month Ahead:

We should continue to enjoy great fall fishing for the weeks ahead. Early morning starts can produce some nice browns before the sun gets too high. We still have a limited window when hopper fishing can be productive in the afternoons on warmer days. Some days are better than others on the hopper fishing so don't give up on it if you run into a slow day but if it is cold and grey move on to other tactics. Nymphing is still very productive.

Long Term Fishing Forecast:

The Yellowstone should be a great option this fall. Again if you are rowing the river later this summer expect some sections to have changed in character as river channels and gravel bars often move when we have high flows.