Montana Lakes Fishing Report

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Lake Fishing Report

Current Conditions: 
The smaller private ranch lakes that we target like Burns and Sitz are still producing some great fishing. Sight casting small nymphs or dries in the morning has been productive along with slow stripping damsel flies. In the afternoons beating the banks with hoppers can produce some explosive takes. The larger lakes like Hebgen, Quake and Ennis are producing some nice gulper action with the tricos and callibaetis. On Quake and Hebgen some spruce moths can also bring large trout to the surface. August is the peak time to gulper fish over thick hatches. Keep your approach stealthy in order to prevent spooking trout in the calm water.

The Month Ahead:
The fishing will really pick up with the thick tricos and callibaetis that will persist into early September. This is the time to go lake fishing!

Long Term Fishing Forecast:
The hatches will wane quickly in September and then we tend to shift focus back to the big rivers so catch the action while it is hot.