Stillwater River Fishing Report

Friday, September 23, 2022
Stillwater River

Current Conditions:

The Stillwater has fished well this season even in the wake of the early summer flooding. The June floods changed some of the river quite a bit in some places so be aware if floating. Attractor dry and dropper fishing is slowing down as water temperatures continue to cool. Terrestrial fishing is still an option on warm days in the afternoons but that window is limited. As the water cools fish are moving out of the fastest water into more deliberate runs.

The Month Ahead:

Terrestrial fishing and attractor dry action should continue through September but anglers can also be successful with smaller nymphs in the size 16-18 range.

Long Term Fishing Forecast:

The Stillwater can fish well into fall when the streamer game picks up, but some of the larger fisheries such as the Yellowstone tend to be a better option once we get into late fall.